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Destination Wedding – Rancho Pescadero in Cabo/Baja Coast/Mexico

So many couples are opting to have a destination wedding in our current economy because in the long run, they are less expensive and more intimate. It seems that in these times, we, as people, become much clearer on what is important to us and having a wedding with our closest friends and family seems to have struck a hot button with many couples.

I have been to Cabo three times. Cabo is a loose term for an area of Mexico on the Baja peninsula. There is a Cabo San Lucas and a Cabo San Jose. Cabo San Lucas is literally at the end of the peninsula while Cabo San Jose is about 30 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas. The entire area is studded with resorts and beautiful homes/mansions. You don’t see much of the “locals” living areas as you drive up and down the roadways between Cabo San Jose and Cabo San Lucas.

While visiting in December 2012, I arranged to go on a tour of destination wedding locations. I was picked up in a black SUV and driven down Highway 19 (Route 1) going towards Todos Santos. We were on our way to Rancho Pescadero. I am so happy I had hired a service to take me there because I don’t know if I would have found this hidden treasure on my own. On their website, they give the following directions:

Todos Santos Hotel Map
After the calla lily field, and before the ocean.

An entirely different kind of destination, our secluded beach location means we don’t really have an address at the Ranch. We can be reached by turning toward the ocean on the road just south of the Pescadero gas station. Drive for about a mile through fields of calla lilies, chiles and basil, and we’re the only thing you’ll see before you get to the ocean.

You’d have to know me better to understand the stress that those kinds of directions cause me, LOL. My tour guides were from the area and had trouble finding this spot. But, once we found it, what a fantastic hidden surprise was ahead of us.

Cabo San Lucas is known for being a WILD place to visit. I remember my first trip was 17 years ago. This is where Cabo Wabo, El Squid Row, The Giggling Marlin, Hard Rock Café and Mango Deck are located and you can expect to be greeted to jello shots, hung upside down like a fish on a line and forced to drink a shot of tequila or try to catch a shot in your mouth from someone streaming it above the crown as you walk in the door. Yes, this is what Cabo can be like. Of course, you make a trip what you want it to be, so if that is not something you want to partake in, then just don’t visit those bars!

Back to my story about Hotel Pescadero…I didn’t know that anything so serene and zen like existed anywhere near Cabo San Lucas or Cabo San Jose. This place is totally off the grid. It is a beautiful destination that will cater to your every whim.

The rooms were gorgeous and almost all of them have views of the ocean. Many have rooftop decks with resting beds. Feel like doing some yoga, no problem, daily classes available. Feel like doing something more adventuresome, no problem, the staff will arrange for dune buggy rides, fishing trips, cliff walks, surf boarding, whale watching, scuba diving, horseback riding or various tours of area highlights. Oh, and did I mention they have an onsite spa with all the treatments you can imagine?

Intrigued yet? You can actually rent out the entire resort just for your wedding and wedding party. That includes 27 suites for up to 60 people with all activities and menu’s customized specifically for you. The resort grows much of their own food and specializes in organic, healthy, delicious cuisine.

Take a look at the photos and decide for yourself, but this is one destination you should consider if warm weather, ocean, sunshine, peace and quiet, organic food and pure beauty are what you are looking for to host your destination wedding.

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