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It dawned on me while trying to go to sleep last night that refrigeration for flowers is a topic I have not spent much time on and there are some terms that would be helpful for you to know. Today I will introduce you to the types of refrigeration most available to florists. And, by the way, in the business we refer to flower refrigeration as a COOLER.

A REACH IN COOLER in the floral world is typically a smaller refrigerator that has glass doors. Depending upon the size of the cooler, they typically come in 2 door, 3 door or 4 door sizes. A two door may pull open, but generally they open like a sliding glass door.

A WALK IN COOLER is much bigger, although, walk in’s are designed to be able to make them as big or small as you need. The panels come in standard sizes and you fit the panels together to create the shape and size you need.

A DISPLAY COOLER is a cooler that has glass which allows you to see inside…you would normally have some sort of display cooler if you are operating a retail store front…you want your customers to be able to see the arrangements for sale on display in the cooler.

There is another option when buying a cooler, it is a combination display/storage cooler. The cooler is sectioned off so that there is an area enclosed with glass so you and your customers can see what is inside and it has another section that you cannot see without opening a door…so it is a combination cooler.

All coolers will have some additional parts that you should be aware of…Evaporation Coil is part of the fan and it’s purpose is to draw heat out of the air…an evaporation coil in a flower cooler helps ensure the ideal temperature is reach without moving a lot of air inside the cooler; it also helps keep the air inside the cooler moist.

A Compressor or Condenser is the motor that runs the cooler. It generates a lot of heat and noise. Depending upon where you are locating your cooler, you may want to consider locating the compressor outside like on the roof.

A Fan is the third part of a cooler and it constantly draws air from outside the cooler, cooling that air by running it across the evaporation coil. The fans in flower coolers are smaller resulting in less air movement so as not to dry out the flowers. The more the air moves around, the more it dries out the flowers.

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