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The Exotic Stargazer Lily

Would you believe the lovely and fragrant Stargazer Lily is actually related to the every day ordinary onion and garlic plants? It is indeed. This lovely hybrid gets its name from the fact that the flower look upwards. It was developed for and is grow specifically to be used as a cut flower.

The sturdy stem of the Stargazer Lily can grow up to 30 inches tall and is wind resistant. Each stem carries clusters of the big brilliantly hued crimson blossom with bright white tips. The Stargazer is one of the best selling lilies available and makes a stunning statement in any arrangement it is placed in. The striking blooms can measure anywhere from 12 to 16 inches and have 4-5 blossoms per stem.

In addition to adding a splash of exotic color wherever you use them, these oriental lilies are easy to care for and bloom for two weeks or more. I love using these to help create an exotic touch, especially in bouquets. The pink and white Stargazers symbolize prosperity. There is actually a pure white Stargazer although it is not as popular as the better known pink variety. The White Stargazer is considered a sign of purity. Combined together, these two varieties of Stargazer lilies can create an incredible bridal bouquet rich in color and meaning.

One note of caution: Stargazer lilies are toxic to cats, so please keep this in mind if you are planning to use them in arrangements if you have cats in your home or you are creating an arrangement for a friend that may have cats.

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