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Has one of our videos captured your imagination but you’re not sure where to find all the tools you need to create it. Look no further than our products page. Flower Arranging 101 has a fantastic Starter Kit. This kit comes complete with all the tools you will need to get started on creating your own beautiful arrangements just like the ones in our videos.

Everything offered in our Starter Kit is professional grade and include tools that are not readily available in the retail market.

Your starter kit comes with everything you will need to get started making your own floral arrangements. Including:

  • Clippers
  • Scissors
  • Florist Knife
  • ¼” Clear bowl tape
  • 1 roll ¼” green bowl tape
  • 1 roll ½” green bowl tape
  • 1 roll Light Green Corsage Tape
  • 1 roll Dark Green Corsage Tape
  • Rose Stem Stripper
  • 20 pieces each of 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 gauge wire
  • 1 16 oz Quick Dip Bottle
  • 1 32 oz Finishing Touch Mister
  • 10 oz of Crystal Clear Fresh Flower Food
  • 1 tube Floral Adhesive

And we will be adding more and more products over the next couple of months to not only help you re-create all the arrangements I’m sharing here, but to allow you to express your own creativity!

January Blooms – The Carnation

Who doesn’t love the sweet and fragrant Carnation.  One of the most recognized flowers in the world, the carnation actually beats out the Rose in popularity.  It’s light sweet fragrance and durability as well as great vase life,  make it a perfect choice when creating arrangements as a gift.   Carnations can last up to 21 days under the right conditions and the blooms are sturdy and well packed so they will hold their shape in almost style of arrangement you want to create.

One of the oldest cultivated flowers, Carnations come in two varieties. The standard Carnations are a single flower head on one stem. The flower heads can be as big as three inch diameters. The other type of carnation is a mini carnation. Mini carnations have multiple flower heads on each stem. The flower head size on a mini carnation is about one inch in diameter.

One of the best things about carnations is the incredible assortment of colors they come in, starting with white and working through yellow, orange, pink, red, burgundy, lavender, purple, fuscia, and many bi-colors or striped variety, two colors in one flowers. They are soft tender flowers and are considered as symbol of love and fascination.  Carnations are the January Flower of the Month.  They are also the flower of choice of several fraternities and sororities.  With so many varieties in colors, the Carnation has many different meanings, from the white carnation that means innocence and purity to the dark red that means deep love and admiration.

Winter Wreaths

Wreaths have become a very popular decoration and are no longer just seen at Christmas time. If you are looking to keep a wreath up for the winter months, there are a number of different things that you can incorporate into your wreath to take it from a Christmasy feel to a lovely way to brighten up dreary winter days.

There are a wide variety of add ons that can bring texture and color to your wreath. Pine cones are among the most popular, but also consider adding acorns or lotus seed pods. Pecans make an interesting addition as well. Berries and fruit always made for a great addition to a wreath. Holly berries and a great splash of color, but you might also want to consider adding was myrtle berries, Nandina berries or even sweet gum balls.

Some other interesting things to add to a winter wreath include mistletoe, hydrangea blooms, rose hips, pyracantha, and even magnolia pods. Preserved ivy, eucalyptus or boxwood leaves can also dress up a plain evergreen winter wreath.

Safety Tips for Decorating With Live Greenery

Nothing smells better than fresh evergreens at Christmas time. The heady scents of pine is one of the most recognized scent of the season. But unlike decorating with fresh flowers, there are some precautions that you should always keep in mind when decorating with live evergreens.

First and foremost, keep an eye on the moisture level of your evergreens. The best way to check this is to bend the needles. If they are flexible and do not break when you bend them, then your evergreen foliage still has a good moisture level. Evergreens can dry quickly. Brown or shedding needles is one of the first signs that your greenery needs to be changed out or removed all together to prevent a fire hazard. So other tips to keep in mind are to not put fresh greenery need space heaters or heater vents. You should also avoid placing them in sunny windows.

This also is true for greenery that you might use outdoors. Fresh wreaths can be susceptible to over drying and a possible fire hazard if they are on a glass door in direct sunlight for most of the day.

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Scents of the Season

Hard to believe an entire year has passed already and we are just two day away from Christmas. And I think everybody can agree, the one single thing that makes each and every one of us know it’s the holidays is that heavenly scent of pine.

I often will use a real wreath so that I can have the wonderful pine scent in the house. The same goes for garlands.

If you are using a real wreath, you will need wire to attach the various components into the wreath. However, if you are using an artificial wreath, you can use the artificial stems to wrap items into the wreath. The artificial stems have a wire base so it makes it really easy to use as a fastener. The same applies to the garland.

I love to use a beautiful ribbon and often multiple ribbons for added texture. A 3 inch wide ribbon, a 1 1/2 inch ribbon and a rope garland intertwined into a wreath is a gorgeous look. I also love to use artificial flowers or aged, dried hydrangea. Berries are also a nice feature for added texture.

All the same ideas apply to a garland. I love to use a garland down the middle of my dining room table with candles and fairies. It doesn’t take up too much room so it is still easy to set a nice table and not have to move the garland out of the way.

Holiday Flowers – The Poinsettia

Nothing says Christmas quite like the gorgeous poinsettia plant. It’s velvety flowers can range in color from the snowy white to the deepest burgundy. Did you know that poinsettias account for nearly 90 percent of all potted plants sold at Christmas time? They are, upwards of 60 million plants are sold during the holiday season. This lovely plant is also one of of the most popular gifts given by businesses during the holiday season.

Commercially grown in all 50 states, with California being the top producer. In fact 80 percent of all the poinsettias grown nationwide come from one ranch in California. Poinsettias were introduced into the United States by Joel Poinsett in 1825 and there are 100 varieties available. Left to their own devices, poinsettias can grow up to ten feet tall. Like so many other flowers, their bloom is actually made up of bracts. Poinsettias are priced by the number of blooms on the plant, the more blooms, the more expensive they are. Some of the more popular varieties are besides the standard red, pink, and white, are the monet, which has variegated red blooms, and the marble which has cream colored blooms. Two other popular varieties include the candy cane which has pink and white blooms and the jingle bell which has glossy red blooms with white accents.

Holiday Wreaths–It’s Not Just About the Red and Green Anymore

There is something wonderful about creating a Christmas wreath to hang on your door, or over your fireplace. This traditional decoration shows up everywhere during the holiday season, stores, businesses even decorating street lamps in the center of town.

Today’s wreaths are a far cry from their plain, early ancestors. And you don’t have to limit yourself to traditional Christmas colors. The wreath I created for the above picture is a fabulous burst of color. I’ve got a beautiful lime green mixed with one of my favorite colors, a deep rich purple, on a live evergreen wreath.

And if you’ve never made a Christmas wreath before, you’ve come to the right place! My video, Evergreen Christmas Wreath gives you step by step instructions on how to create your own beautiful wreath. It’s available to our members online on the Holiday Video page and on our products page for sale and download.

Think Outside the Box

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think about flower arranging after the flowers of course, is the vase. After all, you can’t really have a flower arrangement without something for it to be arranged in. But don’t let your imagination be stymied by that traditional image of a glass vase.

I cannot tell you how many different things I’ve used when creating a flower arrangement for a client. The list is nearly endless. I’ve used just about everything from terra cotta pots, to plastic outdoor glasses, bowls and even golf shoes and jewelry boxes. And in some ways the item you use to hold your arrangements can be as fascinating and unique as the arrangement you create in it.

I would like to encourage you to think outside of the box when it comes to flower arranging containers. Besides vases, think about, dishes, ceramics, baskets, paper boxes, fabric covered boxes, tea cups, drinking glasses, cocktail glasses, in fact almost anything that can be used as a container can be used for a flower arrangement.

Decorating with Greenery–Time Honored Traditions

This time of year more than any other, greenery takes the forefront when decorating. Using evergreens at this time of year dates back centuries. They’ve always thought to represent everlasting life, along with hope for spring to return.

The southern United States has been decorating with evergreens starting from the earliest colonial settlements. This tradition did not hit the northern states until the early 1800’s. Back then it was the churches that received most of the benefit of holiday greening. Garlands of holly, mountain laurels, ivy and even mistletoe would be created and hung from just about any place they could be in the local churches. Herbs and pedals were then often added as well, adding the scent of lavender, rosemary, bay and even roses. Homes were decorated more simply, just some boughs and holly, mostly around the windows.

Today, decorating your home with a wide selection of fragrant greenery is more popular than ever. From the fresh evergreen wreaths created for our doors to gorgeous table garlands, making use of ivy, holly, cedar and a host of different evergreens makes our homes smell warm and rich. And as most greenery has a long vase life, there’s no need to wait until just before Christmas to decorate. You can enjoy those wonderful scents that mean Christmas to so many of us just as soon as the calendar rolls around to December.

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