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Tools of the Trade

Each profession has it’s own special tools of the trade and floral design is no different. You have got to have the right tools to do the job or the most gorgeous arrangement designed will not work if prepared with the wrong items.

First and foremost, you must have the right cutting tool. Pruners and Stem cutters created specifically for florists, not your every day kitchen shears or worse regular household scissors should not be used. Pruners, stem cutters and floral knives were created to do one task, work with flower and foliage stems. They were designed to give exceptionally clean cuts through any kind of stem material, from the soft delicate stems of the daisy to the hard woody stems or Roses, these shears and cutters will give you the perfect cut every time. And they will not bend or bruise the stems creating the chance for bacteria to get in and ruin your arrangement.

The same holds true for removing heavy foliage or thorns. You do not want to just snap them off with your fingers or use a table knife. Both of these actions will damage the stem, possibly preventing it from drawing water up properly along with leaving bruises on the now exposed stem. For flowers like this, you should use a florist knife to remove any foliage or thorns. This will provide a clean cut that will not invite bacteria to enter or to cause unsightly bruises to form.

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