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Tropical Beauty–Hibiscus

Looking to add an exotic touch to your flower arrangement? Consider using the gorgeous Hibiscus.

This large blossomed flower is available in colors of red, pink, white, purple, orange and yellow. The flower is trumpet shaped with five or more petals and range from just over an inch to over 7 inches depending on the species.

There are over 200 species of Hibiscus. Some of them have medicinal uses and some are edible and all of them are lovely.

This lovely floral treasure grows best in hot tropical areas or cultivated in specialty greenhouses so you should expect to pay a higher price when adding Hibiscus to any arrangement you are creating. Hibiscus flowers lend themselves very well to using used in bowls or table displays as the blooms last well without any water. They can be floated in bowls and used with driftwood and other sea shore related details such as shells to make a beautiful arrangement for a summer event. However, keep in mind that they have a very limited vase life, just around 2 days so when using Hibiscus in your arrangements, make sure to always place them out last and keep them in a cool dry place before hand.

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