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Unique Ideas for Arrangements

One of the fun things about creating flower arrangements is the wide variety of containers that can be used for holding those beautiful arrangements. I’ve actually created some fabulous arrangements using some unique containers, like my Daffodils in a Firetruck vase video or using a silver compote to hold an elegant arrangement for a dinner party, check out the previews here.

Using different types of containers can add a very special touch to any arrangement that you create. A recipe box, or pretty tea pot for example can be the basis to create a lovely arrangement for somebody’s kitchen. Craft stores are great places to find something unique to use for flower arranging. Metal tins have become very popular as well as collectable. They are also great for creating small arrangements that would be perfect on a desk top, a breakfast bar, even in a hospital room.

Candy jars, apothecary jars, even long fluted champagne glasses can be used to create something totally unique.   So the next time you’re thinking about creating a floral arrangement, wander through your local craft store and let your imagination help you find something wonderful to create it in.

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