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Winter Blooms-Roses

Did you know that the Rose is the National Flower of the United States? It is! It was officially adopted on November 20, 1986. It is also the official state flower for New York. Roses are also consider the most popular flower in the world. And isn’t it wonderful that they are available year round for us to enjoy.

However right around this time of year, both red and white roses will start to go up in price leading up to Valentine’s Day! And there is actually a logical reason for this, besides supply and demand.  It takes about 45 days from the time a rose is cut from a bush until there is another rose ready to be cut. So that means that growers have to cut back their roses at the end of December in order for there to be enough supply for Valentine’s Day. When growers cut back all the bushes, it creates a temporary ‘lack of supply’ which raises the prices.

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