About Us

Since I was a little girl I have loved flowers. My family tells me that when I was 7 years old, I used to go around the corner to the local flower shop and gather up the flowers that they were throwing away. I would bring those flowers home and make bouquets for everyone. While I don't remember doing that, it doesn't surprise me, because as far back as I can remember I have just loved flowers! I do remember helping my grandmother plant and cut flowers from the backyard. I also remember making a crown of baby roses for the Virgin Mary statute at school....I went to Catholic school, and while I don't remember why we did that, I do remember doing it and loving every minute of it.

I used to work for corporate American and then one day, in 1991, they were trying to downsize and entice people to leave the company and they came out with an offer that was just too good not to take. You see, I always knew I wanted to own my own business and I knew I loved flowers. So, I thought, why not do this now, leave my corporate job and give a flower shop a try. I was given money to leave, so I was comfortable knowing I could pay my bills while I was experimenting with owning my own business and really learning flower arranging. While I had an innate ability to design with flowers, I felt I needed some formal education if I was going to own a flower shop and sell flowers to the public. It turns out, not ALL flower shop owners feel this way. Some just open their doors and sell flowers, YIKES! Anyway, I owned a flower shop for 10 years in San Ramon, Ca. When my husband’s corporate job got relocated to El Dorado Hills, Ca. I was forced to sell my shop because El Dorado Hills was two hours away from San Ramon, and that was with no traffic!

I opened another shop in El Dorado Hills, but this time I decided I wanted to focus on what brought me the greatest amount of satisfaction, and that was doing wedding flowers. I love, love, love doing wedding flowers. I guess I am a bit of a romantic at heart. I love Valentine’s Day, I love hearts, I love flowers, I love weddings. I love helping brides get the most out of their budget and to see the value of expressing their emotions through flowers. I also love parties and celebrations of any kind, so I expanded my reach and included any type of event flowers as part of my business.

In May 2010 I expanded my reach and started offering flower arranging classes via the internet, here where you found me. I want to share my passion for flowers with you through my latest endeavor, flowerarranging101.tv. Every week I will be showing you how to make flower arrangements for your home, for dinner parties, for holidays and how to duplicate flower arrangements that you see on television or in magazines. I hope to inspire you to be creative with flowers whether for yourself or as gifts to others.

This is where I teach flower arranging classes via video that you can watch on your own time, at your convenience. I tell you what you need to make the particular arrangement. In fact, by popular demand, I will be offering “kits” to go along with many of the flower arranging videos that will include everything you need to make the particular flower arrangement, except for the fresh flowers.

Flowers are not only beautiful and pleasant to look at, they make you feel good! And, you will feel great when you see that you can make beautiful flower arrangements too!

I hope I never run out of ideas to share with you!